Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hedgehogs - my Naughty Pencil strikes again!

Oh dear! My naughty pencil has been getting up to its old tricks! 

I read somewhere that hedgehogs are trending in the world of design and this is all that my pencil could come up with. I wonder whether anyone can suggest how I could make it into a greeting card suitable for some occasion or other?

But, being the long summer holidays, I thought my pencil might as well make itself useful by keeping some of the littlies amused for five minutes! 

So this Fairy Princess and Pirate are a bit of an experiment, which if it works, I'll repeat from time to time. They are the drawings from some of my most popular children's birthday and get well cards and I've uploaded them  full size (A4) so that they can be printed out and used as colouring sheets.

Fairy Princess


You need to click on them to see them full-sized, save them to your computer and print them out ready for colouring in! 

If someone could let me know whether this works OK, or if there are any changes I need to make, I'll post some rabbits, dragons, clowns.... and anything else I can think of that might keep those little hands busy!


ArtformTheHeart* said...

these are super!

Jean said...

Judy, I adore these drawings and so will my granddaughter. Thanks!
Hedgehogs are cute but can't think of any ideas for them in a card. I need more coffee.

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you both for your comments :)

Jean, I'm planning on offering some more drawings to colour if folks find them useful. Maybe some greeting card sized ones so that the kiddoes can make their own greeting cards?

art2cee2 said...

Wonderful Judy. I will put a link to them on my blog today. :-)

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Crystal :)

Sadami said...

Hi, Judy,
All characters look very charming!
Cheers, Sadami

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Sadami :)

Michele said...

What a lovely idea, I loved colouring books as a child, particularly the ones full of geometric patterns (a sure sign of OCD to come).

Fascinating to hear about hedgehogs, are they replacing cupcakes? And will there be an overlap (hedgehogs eating cupcakes)? Perhaps I could persuade the cat to bring one home for me to paint, he has managed to drag every other type of wildlife home!

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Michele - how funny about the colouring books. I actually hated them, didn't like the way they were drawn but I absolutely loved the ones where you just paint with water and the colours appear. I don't know what all that says about me!

RE Hedgehogs - I don't know about replacing cupcakes. I think they replaced pandas or penguins - not sure which as that one passed me by.

When are you going to paint your cat?