Wednesday, 10 February 2010

"Dw'in dy garu di"

We've had a light sprinkling of snow again today so I thought my oil pastel painting would be a welcome reminder that Spring is not far away - and, of course, the daffodil, along with its cousin, the leek, is one of the national symbols of Wales. You know for sure that you have crossed the border from England when you begin to see banks of daffodils growing all along the roadsides!

And I've just discovered that Valentine's Day has already been and gone in Wales! It was a couple of weeks ago, on January 25th - not that you would have noticed! But you can trust the Welsh not to follow the herd and in 2003, even Tesco sold greeting cards to celebrate the special day of the Welsh patron saint of lovers, St Dwynwen.

Even though I earn my living, in part, from the sale of greeting cards I have designed, I wouldn't wish us to adopt the American trend of having a greeting card for everything under the sun! St David's Day is fine by me though, especially as I'm very fond of daffodils and dragons!

I had great fun creating my collage dragon and using it to create 'T-shirts and badges as well as cards' on Zazzle. And the daffodils above are also available as a greeting card (for St David's Day or otherwise) too!


Di said...

A holiday that combines Dafodils and dragons - how absolutely enchanting!

Judy Adamson said...

I'm not Welsh but there are a lot of things I love about Wales, Di - the music, the singing, the poetry, the mountains and the friendliness of the people - but especially the daffodils and the dragons!