Thursday, 15 September 2011

Guest artist, Cathie Richardson

This month's e-interview is with artist, Cathie Richardson, who designs greeting cards, fabrics and needlework patterns.

Cathie introduces herself -
My name is Cathie Richardson and I live in a little town in northern Nevada.  It is a mountain desert landscape so a lot of my art work contains sagebrush and the old buildings I see when I go exploring with my family.   I design needlework patterns and enjoy drawing in a small format/illustration style.  

When did you begin painting?
I began painting when I took a watercolor class in college and that is the only painting medium I've worked with and explored because I enjoy drawing the most.

Did you go to Art College or have any formal art training?
I obtained an associates degree in Art and usually take art classes now and then to keep up with new technology and techniques 

What did you value most from the experience?
In college I remember being taught how to "see" and recognizing the difference between positive and negative space and that really clicked for me and was exciting to learn.

What is your favourite medium and why?
I enjoy drawing the most, especially with ink.  I've tried almost every drawing tool I've come across, and pastels which is considered more painting I think, and I still love pen and ink the most.  I like how I can depict different things with certain strokes and I think it just looks great with the desert landscape I work and live in. 

Do you paint from photos, sketches or from life?
I like to draw from life and try to get out as much as possible.  I sometimes take a camera when I go drawing, but I like to try and sketch as much as I can and then go back and fill them in later from memory.  That is another challenge in itself and I just like to play with the drawings to see what I get.

Who is your favourite artist/illustrator etc? Have you been particularly influenced/inspired by any other artists?
I have a few favorite watercolor artists such as Kim Jacobs and Marjolein Bastin.  I really love the classic illustrators like Ernest H. Shepard and I like their use of ink in their drawings.  I like to study the illustrations of the classic artists and how they convey light and dark in a pen and ink drawing. 

Where do you sell your paintings?
I belong to an art group where I live and we have art fairs every year and I sell my paintings there and have recently opened up shop at Artfire and have some of my paintings and drawings for sale there, 

Which came first - needlework or painting? 
I began drawing my garden when my children were small and then I became inspired to make some of my drawings into needlework patterns. 

What sparked your interest in needlework/fabric design?

Growing up most of my female relatives and my mother were involved with sewing, needlework and quilting so I learned how to do these things watching them and stayed interested.  I like textiles and decorating my home so thought it would be fun to experiment with my own needlework designs.  It has been a great learning experience and a lot of fun working with the colored flosses. 

I love my hand dyed floss collection!  Recently I've started putting my art work on fabric on Spoonflower which has been a lot of fun. I like trying to think of things to make with my samples!  

Which is your best-selling/favourite greeting card?
This red tulips anniversary card is one of my best sellers and is a favorite of mine as well.  Watercolor being the challenge that it is, I was happy with the variation of color I got in the petals and the colors themselves.  Watercolor is a challenge for me and I guess that is what keeps me going back to it, that and it is very portable!  

What do you grow in your garden? 
I really enjoy gardening and like to grow easy vegetables like tomatoes, plus they are fun for me to draw.  Also I love the spring flowers like pansies, but they usually can't tolerate the hot dry heat where I live.  A few years ago,  I discovered that petunias can so I mostly plant those and really like their ruffled petals and bright colors. I very much enjoy putting my artwork online in the various POD sites and hope to do more of that.  This past year I've really been focusing more on hand embroidery rather than cross stitch and look forward to doing more of those designs.

What are your plans or hopes for the future? 
My big dream is to be able to go back east to New England to explore and draw  that landscape; hopefully that will come soon!   

You can see more of Cathie's beautiful work at:


Corrie Kuipers said...

Nice interview! Thanks, Cathie, for letting us know you a little better, and thanks to you, Judy, for asking her and setting up the meet! :-)


Judy Adamson said...

Thank you for stopping by, Corrie, and yes it's always interesting to discover that artists have more to them than 'just' greeting card design!

Robin said...

Very interesting interview ... thanks Judy and Cathie! Always fun to "meet" fellow artists!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Robin, glad you found it interesting :)

barbara schreiber said...

Hi Cathie,
Your stitchery-patterns and fabrics are lovely and interesting. Was nice to read your interview.

Di said...

Great interview. Thanks Judy for being the gracious host.
Cathie: Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.
Love your ink line and watercolor. Your love of drawing shows in your art.

art2cee2 said...

Nice interview of a multi-talented artist and designer. :-)

Cathie said...

Thank you Judy and thanks to all visiting!

Bud And Tony said...

What lovely work! Thank you Cathie for sharing your outstanding talent. Great Blog Judy.

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you all very much for your comments and I'm very sorry I haven't responded earlier!

I had a custom request for a card, which I did as quickly as I could, uploaded it and it was approved very quickly. But then, later today, the customer asked me to make further changes! So it's been 'all go'!

Carole Barkett said...

I agree with the other comments an interesting blog and interview.

Judy Adamson said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Carole!