Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Handpainted Christmas Cards from GCU Artists

As I said in my previous post, on joining GCU a year ago, my impression was that most of the card designs were digitally produced. However, there are still plenty of wonderful designs available that were painted using traditional methods and here is a selection of them for Christmas.

The small size of these images makes it difficult to see  just what'is so special about these handpainted designs, so click on the images and see the larger version.

Susan Alison's watercolour 
'Dog' Christmas Tree  

Myrna Migala's watercolour
'Twelve Days of Christmas'

Diana Ting Delosh's watercolour and ink
'Polar Bear, Cub and Christmas Wreath'

Sharon Eyres' Folk Art Style
'Christmas Snow'

Steve Delmonte's watercolour and ink
Ho Ho Holiday!

Brenda Thour's 

Amy Reges'
'Christmas Yellow Labrador tugs Santa down Chimney'

Robin Chaffin's coloured pencils
'Snowman Friend Merry Christmas'

Judith Cheng's
'Tis the Season to believe in Magic'

Mary Harris's aatercolour and iInks
Nativity Scene - the Angel

Christie Black's
'For friends - Lion and Lamb - Merry Christmas'

Cindy A Teresa's acrylic
'Christmas Peace - beautiful, snowy Winter Scene'

Lane Cobb-Combs' acrylic on canvas
'Silent Night'

Barbara Schreiber's watercolour
'Merry Christmas Card - Robin with Hat'

Harriet Masterton's acrylic
'Merry Christmas'

Lyn Norton's watercolour
'Angel Harpist'

 And here's my favourite from the handpainted paper collages I made for this year - with a Welsh Greeting!

When you click on an image to take a closer look, you will also find the link that enables you to explore all the cards in the artist's store.



Mary said...

Great post, thanks Judy for using my card as one of your examples.
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas.
Mary x

Judy Adamson said...

You're welcome, Mary. I've tried to paint angels like yours in the past but failed dismally!

Merry Christmas to you too!

Di said...

Love the variety of traditional media created cards on this post. The post looks great. Thanks for posting mine too.

Anonymous said...

You are so kind to add all these creations in your blog, mine was the fifth day of Christmas, with five golden rings, from the twelve days of Christmas song.

brendathour said...

These are all so beautiful! Thank you for including my Cardinal Card. Judy, you rock! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you all for your comments - I do hope that visitors to my blog will click on the images to see them full size. And let's all hope for some great Christmas cards sales!

ryckycreations said...

Nice blog, Judy! GCU has some very talented artists... I'm humbled to have a card included here! Thanks, Robin

blessed said...

Thank you Judy for including my Angel Card along with all the other beautiful hand painted cards. Such beauty and such talent! Merry Christmas to all! Lyn

Country Mouse Studio said...

that's a very nice selection

Jean said...

Judy, What an outstanding array of Christmas Cards!
I adore them all...but loved Judith Cheng's: Tis the Season to believe in Magic.:))

Judy Adamson said...

Jean, thank you for your comment - they are lovely, aren't they!