Thursday, 9 June 2011

All about ATCs and ACEOs - Guest Post by Crystal Harris Donnelly

This month's Guest post is by artist, Crystal Harris Donnelly, sometimes known as 'Charris'. 

Crystal is an altogether talented lady but here she focuses on just one of her many gifts, ATCs and ACEOs.

Crystal introduces herself:

A bit about me…

I have been involved in the arts for all of my life, and have done many portraits of pets and people. My favorite of all mediums just has to be pastel.  I have designed craft projects for national craft magazines and my projects have been included in several hardback craft books.  Horses have been a big part of my life, with my daughter showing extensively.  I am also part owner of a Tack Shop, selling English and Western tack and apparel.

ATC, ACEO - what in the world are they?
Acronyms can be confusing.  Believe me, I know, because my husband, who works in the aviation industry, uses them on me all the time while I look at him in confusion.  ATC and ACEO’s are not that difficult to explain.  They are basically miniature art.  I have always enjoyed creating pieces of miniature art.

Perhaps it comes from being thrifty with my art supplies, or maybe it is because these pieces are quicker to create as opposed to larger items.  The best reason of all is that since they are so small artists can sell at a price that is agreeable to just about any budget. When I discovered ACEO’s while exploring the Internet one day, I felt as if I had found my niche. 

The difference between the two types of Art cards is pretty simple to explain.   

  • An Artist trading card (ATC) is a card that an artist creates for trading with other artists and is never for sale.  They have been around for many, many years.  

  • Art cards editions and originals (ACEO) on the other hand, started online by some enterprising and creative artists.  Now, everyone, artist and non-artists alike can afford to collect fine art.

There are very few rules to creating art cards.  You are free to create them in almost any medium you can think of, but they must always be 2 ½” x 3 ½”, the size of a sports trading card. Before shipping I slip them into a plastic sleeve made for sports cards.  Collectors sometimes place them into albums or mat and frame them.

Since the onset of ACEOs, collectors have sprouted up all over the world.  Some of them limit their collections to certain subjects, such as horses, cats, landscapes, etc. A good place to sell your aceo’s is on and 

My etsy shop is Art2Cee2 and I sell on ebay as Charrisart

When I work on my ACEO’s, I work under a true color Ott light bulb with a large magnifying glass in one hand.  This way I can get the detail that I love so much.  Detail is not necessary and there are many collectors who treasure abstracts and expressionistic pieces. 

Why not try an ACEO today?


art2cee2 said...

Thanks Judy! this looks great! Have a great time visiting with your son! :-)

Lee Pierce said...

Gorgeous work! Crystal is the master of exquisite detail.

maddyrose said...

I've been following Crystal's blog for several months and have loved seeing all of the drawings and paintings she's done. Not only is she an amazing artist she also has an entertaing wit and a way with words that never fails to get a smile from me.

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you all very much for your comments and an especially big thank you to Crystal for sharing all this information about ATCs and ACEOs with us!

Judy Adamson said...

I've been asked to post a link to this website, where there is an call to artists to take part in an ATC exhibition:

- top left-hand column.

John Briner Art said...

Yeah, why don't you try Aceo? Aceo stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. Anything goes can be called ACEO but they must have it's right measures of 2-1/2" x 3-1/2". Your ACEOs is very interesting! =)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

This is such a nice interview of Crystal. I've followed her blog for a while now and she always has beautiful artwork to share. She is very talented and now I know more about her! :)

Country Mouse Studio said...

I hadn't seen this post until just now. I did sell a few on Zazzle then forgot to make more

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Jaime

I'm sorry I only just found your comment, for which many thanks!

Hi Carole - congratulations on selling some ATCs :) Hope you'll be successful with making some more!

Di said...

Thanks Judy & Crystal for this post. I've been wondering about what ATCs and ACEOs are and what the differences were etc.

Crystal - Beautiful miniature Art!