Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thanksgiving Cards by GCU artist who use traditional painting methods

We certainly have a bumper crop of pumpkins and Autumn fruits in our collection of Thanksgiving Greeting Cards by Greeting Card Universe artists who use traditional painting and drawing methods! But we have plenty of turkeys too, as well as Autumn leaves and Pilgrims!

Please click on the cards to see them in greater detail and to read the artists' notes about them, as well as purchasing details.

Lady Charlie

Pastel Chalk Pencils



Diana Liu Benet

Watercolor and Gouache on Board

Christie Black

Watercolor Pencils and Ink


Michele Naquaiya

Watercolor and Gouache


Lisa Charlton

This Thanksgiving card is a painting of our own (pet) Narrangansett Turkey, named Billy. We have a female too that Billy is trying to win the affection of but she is more interested in Billy's reflection in the back porch sliding glass window - hilarious to watch but sad to see him so rejected. They are not the brightest birds. Even when he slinks off feeling defeated she'll stretch to see past her own reflection calling for the male she saw beyond the glass. One of these days I'll do a painting of him in full tail feather but for now, this is a close up of his head when he was younger.

Watercolor and Acrylic Blend

Judith Cheng



Betty Matsumoto-Schuch

Prismacolor Pencils and Watercolors

Harriet Masterton


Cathie Richardson


Diana Ting Delosh

 Ink and Watercolor


Christi Madden



Judy Adamson




Susan J Poda

Acrylics, Colored Pencil, Ink and Watercolor


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Christi Madden said...

Wonderful blog, Judy, and a very nice collection of cards!

-Christi =^^=

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Christi - I agree, there are some wonderful designs (as usual!)

Christie Black said...

Nice selection of cards, Judy, thanks for including mine. I shared it!!
Christie Black~Creations from the Heart

Di said...

Bravo Judy! Thanks for doing this. As usual I'amazed at my fellow GCU artists work. I love poor love sick Billy the Turkey. I'm routing for him.

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Christie - you're welcome and thank you for sharing :)

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Di - I'm sure Billy the Turkey will get his heart's desire in the end if we all keep sending him positive vibes!

Country Mouse Studio said...

You put together such a nice selection

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Carole, thank you for your comment.

I'm glad you like them - it's only possible because the artists contribute such a wonderful collection!

Lisa Charlton said...

Dear Judy, Cheers and thanks to you for your wonderful blog. Billy says thanks too for everyone's good thoughts. Power of thought must be working because he 'almost' got some 'action' this past week. Smiles, Lisa

Judy Adamson said...

That's great news about Billy, Lisa! Sending some more positive thoughts so keep us posted!

Naquaiya said...

This collection is beautiful. I love the color pallets too. Hand drawn art compels the viewer to take a closer look. Super nice delivery. Thanks Judy for including me.

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you for your comment, Michelle, and for your contribution!