Monday, 16 January 2012

From Dragons to Cats . . .

Anyone who saw last week’s post will notice that my dragon changed quite a bit, thanks largely to Diana’s suggestion about his muzzle!

And here she is on a t-shirt!

It made me notice that the dragon on the Welsh flag is not very dragon-like:

In fact it looks suspiciously like an adaptation of the lion on this Scottish flag!

But with the digital addition of the green background, I’ve made mine into:

Welsh Red Dragon Cards and Products on Zazzle

*     *     *

With one of my grandson’s turning 12 at the end of this month, a difficult age for birthday cards for boys, I find, that’s what this week’s doodling has focused on. Last year I based his and his older brother’s cards on a slightly comical cat theme:


And this is what’s coming up for this year so far:

Any idea what the caption might be?


Country Mouse Studio said...

Love it, I'll start thinking.

artistretreat said...

catchy title...from dragon to cats!

Betsy Grant said...

"Life's a bowl of fish?" Nice work Judy.

Crystal said...

Love your dragon and the cat too! :-)

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you all for your comments - look out for the painted version of the cat next Monday!

Jean said...

Judy, I always thought that was a lion on the Welsh flag.
I adore your dragon. Hope you sell loads of images!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Jean :) I agree, that doesn't look much like a dragon on the Welsh flag -I suppose it's the heraldic style. But I assure you the gift shops are full of red dragons; they seem to pop up everywhere in Wales!