Thursday, 12 July 2012

Patterns - Islamic and Art Nouveau . . .

. . . but the colours are similar!

More than a week has passed and I still haven’t made those ‘Poppy and Cornflowers’ greeting cards!

The trouble is, Zazzle keep showering us with exciting new products to put our designs on so the amount of time I spend creating products keeps growing and edging out other things! Still, it’s something that I enjoy so I’m not complaining.

But I was so busy that I nearly forgot my brother’s 80th birthday and making his card was a bit of a rush in the end as I first painted quite a fiddly Islamic pattern on the layout paper that I cut out for the collage numbers!.


It would have been much quicker and easier to colour the pattern digitally; watercolours tend to ‘pool’ on layout paper. But I’ve found in the past that designs that I print out aren’t suitable for collage as the glue on the back seeps through and makes the colours run!

(I scanned the pattern before I began cutting it up so I can clean it up and use it for some Zazzle products at some point, if ever I run out of ideas!)

The card I sent was a slightly more 'personalised' version of this one!

The Art Nouveau design that my bedroom fireplace tiles inspired has been very versatile!  

I just used one of the colour options – I can use the other one another day! - and lined up the motifs on my computer, to make the pattern, trying to ignore the pop-ups that told me I was running out of memory.

It has been fun, experimenting with different background colours on the Zazzle site -

 - but I actually quite like the fresh white background with the blue and green.

It seems there are cases and sleeves for everything electronics- and computer-related! And now that we can make ‘skins’ as well (tomorrow's main task!) they keep us pretty busy.

But what I really enjoy making most are products for the home, clocks and cushions and, of course, a whole range of dining accessories, everything from mugs to jugs, plates to placemats!

You can see a selection of the Dining Accessories I've made this week by clicking
I’ve been brewing up ideas for some New Baby products.

I wonder whether I’ll get around to making them before the summer crop of new arrivals comes to an end . . .

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Betsy Grant said...

How fortunate for your brother to receive a card from such a wonderful maker of cards. Keep up the good work!