Thursday, 20 June 2013

Surfacing Pattern Designers Showcase: Stitches and 'Also Ran's

With the arrival of summer, such as it is, everyone is getting busier and only a few people have had time to contribute their patterns to this showcase.

So, instead, I have set up a group Pinterest Board where you can browse a selection of patterns, some of them for sale on products, others linking back to portfolio websites, so that you can get a broader picture of the work of designers you like.

But here are this month's contributions to the 'Stitches' theme in alphabetical order of first name:

Judy Adamson

Pretty Pink Applique Flowers

This one, made from a handpainted paper collage, with the 'stitches' added in coloured pen, started out as a greeting card design, . I'm working on a collection based on this motif and hope it will soon be on show on the group Pinterest board.

Mel Pope

What Dreams are Made From
Mel says: I interpreted stitches as sewing stitches, so I have gone along a hand made theme, going back to a simplistic style the stitches are irregular and random to give it a more handmade/personal feel. 

Wendy Flynn

I also suggested that designers might like to contribute any pattern they'd entered for a competition but hadn't won. 

So here's one from -

Lisa Rivas

Lisa says: I had submitted this pattern: 'Candlemas I' to a dress contest a few months ago, read more here:

I'd like to add a big THANK YOU to all who have taken part in this series of Showcases - I know how busy you all are!

And 'Thank You', too, to all who have stopped by and  encouraged us with your comments! 

Don't forget, there is a lot more to see on our 'Surfacing Pattern Designers' group Pinterest board:


julie said...

Oh noo I seem to be a month behind. I was just working on some stitch patterns yesterday:) Nice to see yours here. Julie

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Julie - thank you for stopping by and by all means send me your 'stitch' patterns whenever they are finished and I'll be pleased to add them to the post.

BTW, just visited your lovely blog briefly and sadly, it seems that all three links to the social networking sites in the rh sidebar are broken.

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