Thursday, 5 September 2013

Introducing the Amazing Cut Paper Art of Caroline Pudge

This month I am delighted to introduce Caroline Pudge, a paper-cutting artist.

I'll let Caroline tell her inspiring story in her own words:

'Basically I cut holes in paper with a scalpel and make it look pretty! I workalone from home with my two dogs to keep me company.


My friend bought a papercut last year. I was amazed! It was the first time I'd seen anything like it, when I asked how much they were, I decided I could make my own! 

I bought a scalpel and a cutting mat, and set about learning how to be a paper cutter. I have been unable to work due to nerve damage caused by arthritis. So I was thrilled when I discovered I was really quite good at papercutting and people actually wanted to buy what I made! 

It was an ideal solution! 

And so I officially set up in business in May this year, at the same time as teaching myself how to use Adobe programs on the laptop. 

I find customers are generally female, but I do get the occasional guy who needs a last minute gift for his lady! I'm able to offer a bit of something for everyone, from digitally produced typographical pieces, to hand drawn family trees and woodland scenes. 

I do most of my selling through my Facebook page:

I find it's a great way to keep customers updated and send images, make changes and check everything is spelled right etc!! (Yes, that happens- a lady once asked for 'I Love You Dean' it was a typo in her part and his name was Sean!) 

The future sees lots Wedding Fayres and Craft Fayres throughout the rest of this year. And hopefully some printed merchandise, bags &/or cushions with my designs on, will be joining me in time for Christmas. 

You saw them here first!

So now you have plenty of ideas for gifts for those  awkward people who seem to already have everything! But be sure to order well in time for Christmas - such lovely, careful, detailed work isn't quick to produce!

You can see more of Caroline's work by visiting her facebook page:


Inkflo Chez Inkflo said...

I love your work, how you have the patience though, I don't know. Labour of love I suppose. said...

Fantastic paper cutting! :-)

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you both for your comments.

Caroline is away at the moment but I'm sure she'll be pleased to read them when she gets back :)