Thursday, 1 October 2015

September Work in Progress

September Anemones and Montbretia in my garden
August was wet and decidedly chilly and most of September has been wet and even chillier! But finally, we have the warm, sunny days we expect in September and no sign of rain all week - though the nights have become decidedly autumnal.

At last my little tomatoes are ripening and the flavour is worth the wait!

And finally, too, Zazzle have agreed to refund the tax that they withheld incorrectly, so life is gradually returning to something approaching normal. 

However, in the meantime, Zazzle have completely reorganised their website and this has involved us all in mountains of extra work, getting our online Zazzle stores up to scratch and simply finding our way around the site, when I really wanted to get back to some designing.

But I have managed to get my new 'Little Mice' Christmas Card finished and uploaded to Greeting Card Universe and Zazzle. 

Here's the custom front version -

(It's also available with the greeting in Non-English languages)

What with the Rugby World Cup and spring bulbs and home-grown wallflowers urgently needing planting, time has been at a premium. 

So I decided to use the Periwinkle design I made a while back to create a new collection on Zazzle. I still need to find time to work on a border pattern and phone case templates for personalization, but here are the fifteen coordinating patterns I've worked with so far - on the new all-over print Tank Tops that Zazzle have recently introduced.

Click on the image to see them all -

But what about the new pattern I wanted to make from the photos of the pretty little Phlox plants in the photo I shared last month? 

I have actually made a start!

I find it really helpful to make a lot of little drawings of plants and flowers I'm going to use for a pattern - I need to draw them over and over to get to know them. It feels almost like getting to know a new friend! And I almost always find that drawing throws up some surprises. At first glance, the petals of all these pretty little flowers appear to be the same shape.

But once I start to draw them, I realise there are several different petal shapes.

As the plants have matured, more of them have started to 'trail'. And the curve of their stems has made me wonder whether they would be a suitable candidate for an 'ogee' pattern, like the periwinkle pattern that I used to illustrate how to make an Ogee Repeat pattern. Not sure yet and I'll probably try out several arrangements before I decide.

Planting out the 160+ seedlings in the spring was a bit of a chore but they've been worth it. They've flowered for months and they are still going strong when most of the other flowers in my garden are well past their best. 

And now the Marigolds and Godetias I sowed in pots are really coming into their own now and brightening up the shadowy corners of the garden.

Pot Marigold and Godetias
Not a very good photo - a quick snap with my phone camera - but perfectly adequate as inspiration for a future pattern. I love the combination of pink and orange and I made a pattern of Pot Marigolds and bright pink Busy Lizzies a couple of years ago.

The humble Marigold is one of the birth month flowers for October so I've put together a collection of October Birthday Cards and Gifts -

With so much going on these past few months, a lot of things have had to be put on hold! 

My decorating ground to a halt in July, I'm having to tie my hair back because I haven't had time to get it cut and as for cleaning the house, it's had to be reduced to the bare essentials! But it's a question of priorities and if there has to be a choice, housework will always give way to making patterns!

And anyway, I don't know whether this is true or not but I choose to believe it is!

(Also available as a Fridge Magnet and a T-Shirt)


Simon Lake said...

Lovely stuff...I love the Periwinkle!

Lora Severson said...

adorable periwinkle tank tops!

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Simon and Lora - thank you for your comments.

Glad you like my Periwinkle patterns! :)

Leah G said...

These are super, I love the flower patterns and the cute mice!! :)

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you very much, Leah :)

Helen McLean said...

I loved seeing part of the design process here, with you hand drawn floral sketches. Thanks for sharing!

Judy Adamson said...

I'm glad you found it interesting, Helen. :)

Neelima said...

Loved reading this and following the design process.

Darla M. said...

I absolutely love your designs! I especially love the little mice card, I have always loved Christmas mice and yours is just the best! The little mice asleep in bed with their stockings hanging on the foot end of the bed...just too cute!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you Neelima and Darla :)

Carolyn said...

You are such a busy lady Judy, very admirable the amount of work you can accomplish. I adore your little house mouse Christmas illustration, it's so cute and a lot of fun.

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Carolyn - I go by the principal that 'work' is so much more fun than dusting so 'do what you love'!