Thursday, 18 February 2016

Spring Sunshine Fabrics for all your Craft and Sewing Projects

Perhaps February is a little bit early in the year to introduce my 'Spring Sunshine' collection of coordinating fabrics? 

But after months of winter gloom, with one storm after another, I hope it might spread some much-needed 'sunshine' on grey and dreary days! And today is a lovely sunny day, at least here in Wales, with daffodils in the gardens and parks!

'Spring Sunshine'? - where did that name come from? 
I never decide on a name for a collection until well after I begin designing - and then, as often as not, the name just drops into my mind and refuses to budge. With this 'Spring Sunshine' collection, it was not only the watercolour daffodil paintings that I used as the main motif but the coming together of the yellow flowers, the fresh greens of the leaves and the sky blue background that seemed to speak of sunny days in early springtime.

(Without the brighter, more 'golden' yellow, the colour palette could have been rather bland.)

The main pattern in the collection is a floral 'mini-print' pattern of Daffodils on two background colours - sky blue and teal.

There are also customizable versions of the 'daffodils' patterned fabric available from my Posh & Painterly Zazzle store that invite the customer to easily choose their own background colour -

Then there is the pattern that combines the main 'daffodils' pattern with a stripe -

These fabrics could all sit very comfortably in a pretty, nostalgic setting - even adding a 'country cottage' look perhaps? 

I think they would be perfect for the soft furnishings in a little girl's bedroom too!

They would, of course, combine perfectly with any of the other fabrics in the 'Spring Sunshine' collection. But for a charmingly 'retro' effect, you could mix and match them with either or both of these Polka Dots patterns, secure in the knowledge that the colours will harmonise with the floral patterns -

These 'pin-striped' patterns continue the light, bright, sunshiny theme of springtime and as well as combining well with the Floral and Polka Dot patterns, they could be used alone in a more 'modern' decorating scheme -

The final patterns in this 'Spring Sunshine' collection, the chic chevrons, are altogether more 'modern' and trendy when used by themselves.

But even so, they combines well with the other patterns in the collection, as you can see in my 'Faux Patchwork' pattern -

I first started making patchworks more than forty years ago and at about that time - in the early 1970s, when boho/hippie-style was all the rage - I had a favourite dress made of a faux patchwork patterned fabric, in red, white and navy blue. 

It was a tent-shaped mini-dress and I was able to carry on wearing it as a maternity dress when my second daughter was on the way. I loved that dress so much that, even after hemlines dropped and it was no longer in fashion, I could put it on over my other clothes to wear as a painting overall! I think it may still be stowed away in a black sack in my garage . . .

So it's hardly surprising that, when shopping online for some new bedlinen more recently, I was immediately attracted to a faux patchwork duvet set! 

And that started me thinking about the possibility of making faux-patchwork patterns on my computer . . . 

I do this now with almost all of my pattern collections. 

And in my photo-editing program, it's very easy to make sure that the colours and 'lights and darks' are evenly distributed for the gentle, almost 'shabby chic' look that I love!

You could use this lay-out of the fabric pieces as a pattern for your own patchwork project. Or, if time is at a premium, you could even just quilt along the lines between the fabric shapes!

Here are all my 'Spring Sunshine' fabrics, together in one place, in my Posh and Painterly store on Zazzle -

Click on the image below to see the full Spring Sunshine collection.

If you like my 'Spring Sunshine' collection, you may also like to visit my Posh & Painterly store to see my Home and Fashion Accessories featuring these patterns, as well as some very pretty matching border patterns.

Spring Daffodils Border and Polka Dots Pillow
Spring Daffodils Border and Polka Dots Pillow by poshandpainterly

By the way
my 'Spring Sunshine' collection of fabrics is now also available for sale,
 along with many of my collections, 
on the 

The days are finally starting to lengthen and spring is not too far off. The birds are singing, reminding me that there's work to do out in the garden . . .

So I'll wish you 'Happy Sewing' - 
and see you next time!

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