Thursday, 10 March 2016

How to Make a Quick and Easy Quilted Patchwork

Periwinkle Blue Faux Patchwork Pattern
Periwinkle Patch Faux Patchwork

Sewing patchwork by hand is known to be a great stress-reliever. 

And, although I've never joined a patchwork/quilting group myself, I can well imagine that getting together to work on a communal quilt would be both relaxing and convivial!

However, there may be times when we would like to create something in patchwork, for a gift maybe, but we don't have hours and hours available to sit and sew. So I'm going to show you a way around that, using Faux Patchwork!

BHS Duvet Set
Faux Patchwork is enjoying something of a revival at the moment, though it never really goes out of fashion. 

Here's a duvet set I bought for myself not long ago -

And there are plenty more on the British Home Stores website!

Aren't they gorgeous!

My love of patchwork often leads me to create a faux patchwork pattern when I make a new pattern collection. 

Apple Blossom Faux Patchwork Tablecloth from Zazzle
Apple Blossom Faux Patchwork
Tablecloth from Zazzle

I use them to create pillows/cushions for sale on Zazzle and other similar print-on-demand stores - and also table linen, shower curtains, all sorts of homeware and fashion accessories such as Messenger Bags - and more recently, fabrics, by the yard, swatch or fat quarter.

In fact I recently sold a smartphone case with one of my faux patchwork designs:


And here are the pillows or cushions I've made so far -

Click on the image to see the whole Collection of Faux Patchwork Pillows


Egyptian Faux Patchwork Pillow or Cushion from Zazzle
Egyptian Faux Patchwork Pillow
from Zazzle

I sent my daughter one of these Faux Patchwork pillows recently, as part of her birthday present. 

And while we were talking about it, the idea came up that it wouldn't be too difficult to quilt the fabric by adding some batting and stitching along the lines in the pattern. With all the awkward angles, it might be easier to do it by hand than by machine, I think.

But then, the internet being an incredible source of 'how to' information, I came across a very useful blog post. The article below gives you all you need to know about making a faux 'Faux Patchwork' using a sewing machine!


So, in case I've sparked your interest in making a quick and easy Faux Patchwork, I've created a Pinterest board with all of my faux patchwork fabrics that are available from my Posh and Painterly Zazzle store - so far! I'm sure I'll be adding more from time to time - everything from pretty pastel florals to bold ethnic patterns.

Faux Patchwork Fabrics on Pinterest

I've worked out that a yard of 54" wide fabric is enough to make three 16" pillows or cushions, allowing for generous seams. But here, too, is a very useful article about the standard sizes of other common quilts -

So now you know how to cheat at patchwork quilting!

Have fun!

You can purchase my faux patchwork fabrics, 
as well as many other fabrics, 
from my 
Zazzle store

Some of them are also available
and I'm adding more whenever I get time!

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