Thursday, 7 April 2016

Indigo Bedroom and Bathroom Ideas for Gifts

Blue and white is a perennial favourite when it comes to home accessories and fashion.

Whether it's the bright, light blue and white stripes of the famous 'Cornishware', a softer light blue that paints a 'coastal' atmosphere, the royal blue and white of 'Willow Pattern' china . . . or the darker blues found in so many ethnic patterns, blue and white is always popular!

Just at the moment it's the deep, rich Indigo Blue that is particularly trending. I wrote a blog post all about 'The colour Indigo' a while back so I won't repeat myself here.

From the Patternbank website

The Indigo and White combination will suit almost any type of home decorating environment, adding an intriguing hint of the exotic - and there are very few people who don't look good in blue! I'm currently working on a new Indigo pattern to submit to Patternbank but I'm already well ahead of the curve with this pattern that I created last year!

This is how it started! 
Just some doodles on scrap paper while I watched television . . .


But that was the easy part - developing those doodles into a collection of coordinating patterns took a bit more time and thought!

Here's the original, "main" pattern -

Next I took two of the motifs and made a new pattern from them -

- and then reversed the colours, and set them on a soft denim blue background:

As usual I made a stripe and a check to coordinate with the main patterns -

Ticking Stripe

Preppy Check

And finally, a Faux Patchwork that included a little pattern that I didn't much like on its own but which seemed to fit well into the patchwork -

Last year I set myself the goal of learning to create border patterns in Photoshop, complete with 'corners' because I love patterned borders! And with a bit of trial and error, I finally found a way to do it that was not too complicated -

So then I moved on to the next challenge - a circular border! A little more tricky but I got there in the end and I hope you'll agree it was worth the effort!

Altogether, I created more than 500 'Indigo' products for my Posh and Painterly Zazzle store - everything from cases to cushions, many of them ready to customize. 

So here's a Collection of just a handful of them that I think would make great gifts -

I've also collected together some Bedroom and Bathroom 'Indigo' products because blue and white is so fresh and clean for a bathroom, while blue is said to have a calming effect, making it the an excellent choice for a bedroom:

As ever, I have not been able to include every available product with each and every pattern. But if you see a pattern you like but it's on the wrong product, I'd be happy to create a new product for you with the pattern of your choice, at no extra cost. Just contact me through my Posh & Painterly Zazzle store.

Indigo may be forecast to trend next Autumn and Winter and it's always good to be ahead of the fashion. But Indigo and White never really goes out of style! I'm sure you will know someone who would love an 'Indigo' gift - maybe for a birthday or Christmas present or even as a Wedding Gift! 

Or you could just treat yourself to 'a little bit of what you fancy'?

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