Monday, 14 June 2010

Birds' Eggs Identification Question

Nearly a month ago I was planting busy lizzies in pots in my front porch and as I reached up to take down a hanging wall pot that was just above my head height, I felt something like dead plants inside it. I assumed that I hadn't cleared it out properly last year but when I stood on tiptoe, I discovered it was actually a birds' nest - with eggs in it! I was amazed as it was so near the house and yet I hadn't seen any birds in the area.

So I waited to make sure that no birds would come back and then last week took a photo -

Understandably there doesn't seem to be any information on birds' eggs identification on the internet and even my very old bird books didn't have much about eggs. But I'm curious to know who has been living in my porch, right next to my front door! So if anyone can tell me what bird laid these eggs, please do send me a message!

They actually looked rather more glossy than the photo shows and they're really quite small, compared to the thrush's eggs that the rooks that live on my chimney stole - and smashed! - a couple of summers ago.


Jean said...

Since I live across the ocean from you I will not even attempt to I.D. your eggs. It is very cool that the birds chose to nest so close!

OK I will try. How about a Jenny Wren? Don't even know if you have them in Wales...but they are similar to our Carolina Wrens and they will nest this close to people and in flower pots.

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

Jean - I think you may be right! I do have a little wren that comes very close to the French Doors of my dining room where I work and seems to enjoy pecking at the jasmine that grows around the door. And there is another jasmine, just below the pot I found the nest in! Thank you!

Country Mouse Studio said...

What a perfect nest site, hopefully you get to see the young ones.
All that Jasmine must smell wonderful!

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

I'm afraid I think I must have frightened the birds away when I unwittingly put my hand into the nest, thinking it was a dead plant from last year. But maybe they'll try again next year. It's not really a light enough spot for plants anyway, so I'll leave the pot vacant for any homeseekers!

Betsy Grant said...

Thanks for sharing Judy. Since I've been thinking so much about creativity lately, this story reminds me of how we are in life, that sometimes we consider something that is on the front porch of our life (close, familiar) to be non-productive, and we overlook it, when in fact it carries the egg (promise of new life) for future creativity.

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

What a great metaphor, Betsy! Thank you.