Sunday, 20 June 2010

Summer Invitations from Greeting Card Universe and Zazzle artists

Time again to highlight the work of some of the other GCU and Zazzle artists who paint/draw using 'traditional methods' ie not digital art or photography. This month I asked for invitations as they seem to be high on the 'Wanted' lists at Zazzle and GCU; and so as to avoid Christmas or Valentine's Party invitations, I asked for them to be 'summery'.

The response from GCU this time was disappointing but maybe everyone's too busy watching the World Cup or perhaps some people are away on holiday? But here's what came up -

Another of Barbara Schreiber's wonderful watercolours -

This beautiful invitation to a bridal luncheon from Mary Taylor - a ribbon and stump embroidery that she made as a sample for one of her daughters' wedding dress -

Vanda Lavar's unusual and attractive wedding invitation -

My own contribution is an oil pastel painting of a jug of Mock Orange for a wedding invitation (Orange Blossom is traditionally associated with weddings because of its aphrodisiac properties!) -

There were a couple of other contributions which weren't specifically invitation cards but which might be customised for use as invitations - click on the images to go to the artists' online stores:


'Zazzler' were more forthcoming with their handpainted invitations. I suppose they are more used to being offered opportunities to promote their products through the forums. I thought it was interesting that by no means all of them were floral invitations -

AudreyJean's lovely ' Tropical Shell Paradise' -

Joyart's wonderful party invitation  is drawn in coloured pencils on black paper -

Kayatiyu's watercolour chamomiles make a pretty garden party invitation -

Another beautiful watercolour beach-themed illustration by Michel Webber -
Jessperry's fun invitation in coloured pencils and white ink -

And maybe my favourite because I do like 'humorous', Nanwright's 40th Birthday Invitation -

 These attractive birds make a change from flowers too -

I haven't made very many invitations - yet! (It's on my ToDo list!) and you'll all be sick of seeing my sweet pea wedding invitations. So here's one I painted recently, trying out my new Derwent Inktense pencils. -

And finally, here's one from ImagineThatDesign that would lend itself to customisation as an invitation -

A big THANK YOU to all who contributed to this post!

Next month's theme will be 'Seaside/Coastal' so if you haven't already made anything that fits with this theme, now's your chance to get painting!


Country Mouse Studio said...

Thank you for featuring my card, what a wonderful collection of images. There are some amazing artists on Zazzle.
I love your love in a mist card!

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

Thank you, Carole. I'm a bit disappointed that my love-in-the-mist looks far too turquoise on the screen (on mine anyway!). It actually prints out much more like the blue of the actual flowers, thank goodness!