Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Unstoppable Artist!

Please forgive a little bit of 'grandma-bragging' but I couldn't resist sharing this link to my daughter's blog post about my one and only granddaughter:

My six grandsons also draw but not quite with the zest and confidence of 4 yr old Biriani - I just hope she can somehow hang on to it as she grows up! 

Not long ago, a letter came from Sweden, containing a small slip of paper, an artistic offering from Biriani (real name 'Hafsah').

I didn't need my daughter's accompanying note of explanation to recognise that this was a 'story' and its illustration - maybe she'll succeed where her grandmother has (so far!) failed?


Jean said...

This artwork is too cute! Your granddaughter has inherited your talent. I see a very happy story.
How proud you must be of her!

OK...when are you going to write that Children's book? :-D)

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Jean - thank you for stopping by. And yes, I'm very pleased to see Hafsah's leaning towards Art. Also, my eldest grandson has just decided on Art as one of his GCSE subjects so maybe there's something in the genes after all.

As for the children's book - I've written dozens of little stories and poems as part of the reading program I devised and they've been well and truly road-tested on my pupils. But finding time to illustrate them is another matter!

Country Mouse Studio said...

Did you find out what the story was, it looks interesting... and don't give up yet grandma may get that book done yet

Judy Adamson said...

Oh no, Carole, I didn't even think to ask! She's still too shy to talk to me on the phone but I'll ask my daughter (her mother) next time we're in touch.

I thought it was quite interesting that the girl in her picture has such definitely blonde hair when she and her brothers all have black hair. Maybe it's because they live in Sweden?