Monday, 18 April 2011

Welcome, New Followers - and Artybuzz!

Two things – first of all a very BIG WELCOME to all new followers and an equally BIG THANK YOU to all of you who take the trouble to leave your comments. All comments are very much appreciated as long as they are respectful. So don’t be shy, have your say – even if you disagree with what I've written!

Brecon Beacons

Secondly, the unexpectedly positive comments on my series of tree paintings last month has encouraged me to think again about making my pastel paintings available as prints. Some years ago I printed and sold prints myself, using my A3 printer. But then I discovered that the colour faded quite quickly and stopped. Now I have a better printer but it doesn’t print A3, which is about the size of the originals.

So I have signed up with Artybuzz, a UK print-on-demand website, and uploaded a few of my images there. There is a maximum file size and most of the scans of my pastel paintings are too big and will need some work on re-sizing. But I’m a bit concerned about whether the site is actually still active! I asked a question about the re-sizing through the contact form as I was puzzled as to how they could produce large prints from such small files. But I didn’t receive any reply. So I looked them up on facebook and twitter and found there had been no activity since last summer, which set the alarm bells ringing!

Does anyone reading this use Artybuzz? And if so, do you know whether it is still functioning – and whether anyone makes sales through the site? Another thing that has puzzled me is that I can’t find anything on the website about ‘payment’!!! But if the site is no longer operational, that doesn’t really matter!

Click here to see what I've uploaded so far!


art2cee2 said...

Your pastel art is just beautiful and as you noted would be lovely as prints. I don't know of any place that does this and know nothing of the site you listed. I have thought about getting prints made myself. I hope you have some luck with finding out if this site is still operating. :-)

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Crystal - thank you for your kind comments! Another artist - from Norwich, where I used to live! - commented on one of my pieces the other day, but that's been the only sign of life so far! So different from Red Bubble, where there was loads of activity as soon as I signed up, the disadvantage being that it's based in Australia and many of my paintings are of places in the UK. It all seems a bit eerie on Artybuzz!

brendathour said...

Love your pastel work, it's so pretty.

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Brenda - I really enjoy using soft pastels!

Country Mouse Studio said...

I like the way it displays, I'll look into it or is it just for your part of the world?

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Carole - I've discovered today that there's a contest starting today on the site so it must be alive and kicking! And no, there are artists on there from all over the world.