Monday, 28 May 2012

Father's Day, the Olympics and Holiday Mood!

Our weather has turned very hot indeed!

As a result my attic studio is out of bounds as the heat seems to collect up there, even with the windows open. So my collage box has come downstairs for now and I made this one at my kitchen table with the papers spread out around the worktops – just like when I made my first ever collage!

I’ve been wanting to make some more text-based card designs using cut-out painted paper letters for a while. And I’ve finally got around to it!

I find it quite difficult to get in the right frame of mind for designing Father’s Day cards, probably because they weren’t around when my parents were alive. To me it’s one of those ‘new holidays’ that I suspect were dreamed up by the greeting card manufacturers.

But the CardGnomes are talking about doing a special facebook promotion for Father’s Day so I thought I’d better try to come up with something new for the occasion. In fact, considering how hard I find getting into the spirit of it, I’ve actually created quite a selection of cards for various ages and different tastes over the past couple of years:

I really didn’t feel much like venturing out into the midday sun to see the Olympic Torch come through Abergavenny on Friday.

But once I was in the town centre, the enthusiasm of the crowds lining the route was infectious and I was glad I went – and managed to get a few photos, in spite of yellow-jacketed stewards standing in the way!

The Met Police were in charge of security, but I thought our Welsh ‘heddlu’ looked pretty impressive - if not quite 'fearsome'! - and their slow procession through the crowded streets raised hearty cheers! They weren't driving fast enough to whip up a breeze so they must have been sweltering in their leather trousers!

When the torchbearer finally arrived, I was a bit disappointed to discover that she wasn’t local to Abergavenny. But I later heard that she was a very worthy participant, from Newport, I believe, a 70 year old, recently retired Yoga teacher.

Next week we have two Bank Holidays! One, on Monday, is the usual late May Bank Holiday and the other, on Tuesday, is for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! And then, on the Wednesday, my son will be coming down from York for my birthday at the end of the week - and to set up my new A3 scanner!

In view of all this and the fact that I feel I should make the most of truly summery weather on the rare occasions that we get it, I won’t be posting on my blog next week.

But, all being well, I’ll be back the following week!


Betsy Grant said...

Nice to see you staying active and creative! Happy Birthday in advance!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Betsy :)