Monday, 7 May 2012

Little Mice and a Mosque

I still have a huge backlog of floral greeting cards to upload and I haven’t been able to make as big an inroad into them this week as I would have liked. 

Not just because I had an overnight guest, Thurs/Fri – a rare occurrence for me and one that required a fair amount of tidying up and some food preparation; but also, on Wednesday, a builder arrived to start painting the high up woodwork on the outside of my house, and I had community police officers visiting and phoning, along with the local council and various neighbours, all because someone scrawled some graffiti along the side wall of my house. Then another Graduation 'customer request' late on Friday and today, a nasty Trojan, revealed by my anti-virus scan!

Time, then, to call a temporary halt to the floral repeat patterns and dig out a non-floral design that I painted a while back but hadn’t yet got around to making into cards –

This one has only given rise to half a dozen cards, plus a custom front one, in case customers would like to add the recipient’s name. So I hope I'll have time to attack the backlog of florals as well this week.

Surprisingly, amidst all the chaos of the past few days, I have made a start on a new Eid card for 2012, though I haven't got very far. There are a few months to go till Eid but it’s always worthwhile uploading well ahead of each special holiday or festival to give the search engines time to find them.

So here's my rather faint tracing of the famous 'Blue Mosque' - which I hope to turn into a card design for Eid by this time next week -

I haven’t yet decided whether to paint this mosque in watercolours or make a collage of it. But either way, I'll need a tracing. I think it would be a very suitable design for a collage but it would require a lot more accurate cutting than a floral design, as so many straight lines are involved and straight lines never were my strong point!

The same primary school teacher who offered to pay a shilling to any pupil who could find a tree with a brown trunk, also offered a reward to anyone who could find a straight line in Nature. Maybe it’s this absence of truly straight lines that usually steers me in the direction of ‘natural’, living things and away from anything remotely ‘architectural?  

But Eleanor Rossevelt apparently said, 'You must do the thing you think you cannot do' - so, I'll give it a try!



Betsy Grant said...

I;m glad you listened to Eleanor - this looks promising. Watercolors sounds like a good idea. It certainly activated my imagination when you mentioned it.

Crystal said...

I hear you! It always makes me chuckle when a non-artist says I can't even draw a straight line. Guess what...I always say that neither can I. :-)

Michele said...

Sounds like you have been having one of those weeks! Graffiti, good grief, what a nuisance, and computer virus's, also massively irritating. Well done on keeping up the good work, I love the little mouse card, it is mega cute! Michele x

Judy Adamson said...

Hi - thank you all for your comments.

Sorry I haven't responded sooner; I've been doing battle with a piece of nasty ScareWare that caused some havoc on my laptop just after I published my blog and I wanted to be sure I was rid of it before I posted a comment.

Judy Adamson said...
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