Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Surfacing Pattern Designers Showcase - Part 1

The e-course, The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design, finished a few weeks ago, but many of the students have stayed in touch through a facebook group. 

As we gradually branch out in our different directions, we still have enough common ground for this group to provide much-needed moral support as we face a diversity of challenges. And, as part of that, I've offered to showcase work by members of the group on a monthly basis.

Finding our 'Signature Style' has been difficult for most of us but we're getting there! So for the first showcase, I suggested that we should choose a pattern that represents our style as closely as possible.

Here they are, in alphabetical order of first name:

Andrea Rincon

Anchobee Designs

"Twirl is about nostalgia, about youth and freedom, giving the observer a sense of closeness and warmth."

Briana Tomlin

Stringy Seedpods
"My motif was inspired by some dried seedpods at my grandma's house. I should of asked her what they were!" 

Carol Robinson

"A Flower Basket, Caught by the Wind"

Carole Seawert

Pink Daisies

Charlotte Duffy

"This is one of a new collection of patterns based on organic beauty, with elegant insects, blooming blossoms, fluttering butterflies and beautiful birds being my key inspirations."

Chloe Wood

Autumn Forage

"Inspired by Autumn and the foraging squirrels which seemed to be everywhere. I can see the little collection being applied to wrapping paper, stationary and for children's market."

Jan Shepherd

Jess Lewis
Can't See the Wood

"I picked this design as my signature as I am enjoying using textures and layers."

Judy Adamson

Field Poppies

"One of my favourite flowers, these Field Poppies are made from a handpainted paper collage."

Laura Escalante Diseno

Blue Blossom

"Delicate, detailed hand drawn flower motifs inspired in Delft  Pottery."

Laura Wooten


"My pattern "Flight" is inspired by my love of travel, as well as my interest in the use of flow and movement in design."

Lisa Deighan

"This design shows my love of hand drawing flowers and strong colour palettes. It was created for a Boots photo album cover and is currently in store."

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of patterns by 'graduates' of the 'Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design' course. So many different themes and styles! 

Don't forget to watch out for Part Two tomorrow!


Wendy said...

WOw what a talented bunch! they all look brilliant, well done and thanks to Judy for showcasing us all I look forward to seeing part two tomorrow

Jess said...

They look great !! thanks for the feature Judy

Trina Esquivelzeta said...

Thanks Judy - they look lovely.

Briana said...

It's awesome to see the variety in styles! Thanks for putting this together Judy!

Anonymous said...

Great work! So nice seeing some of everyones work after meeting all of you in our facebook group.

Andrea R said...

Amazing Designs!! Thank you Judy, I'm proud to be part of the group

Carole Seawert said...

Lovely selection of designs. Thanks for showcasing us, Judy.

CarolR said...

Thanks for taking the time to put this together Judy. The designs all look great.

Charlie D said...

Wow I've just seen this, thanks so much Judy!! Proud of everyone in the group. x

Liz Minton said...

Oooh gorgeous designs. Great to see them all showcased together. Thanks Judy.

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you all for your comments and for sharing your lovely designs :)

Part 2 (from LI onwards) is now published.

Ruth Thorp said...

Wow guys. These look amazing!

Carole Barkett said...

Beautiful designs I feel so inspired by them all

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Ruth and Carole :)

Boriana Giormova said...

All these patterns are so lovely!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Boriana :)