Thursday, 21 March 2013

Surfacing Pattern Designers Showcase - Part 2

This is a continuation of yesterday's showcase of images from the 'graduates' of  'The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design' course - 

Liz Minton

Hot Pink Floral

Louise Dewsnap

Swirls and Leaves

"A bright pattern influenced by foliage and organic materials, a subject matter that influences most of my work.  My patterns tend to be use quite delicate shapes with overlapping layers."

Maira Chiodi

"This pattern is warm, colorful and inspired by nature, just the way I like and try to live my life."

Mel Pope

"I created these designs for my step-son's ( James Pope) bedroom and then painted them directly onto his walls. He was 12 at the time, so the skulls, bones, rock, and graffiti theme went down really well. We had all visited New York together the previous year when his father was alive, so he loved the skyline - so not to scale, by the way."

Natacha Devaud

"The Pushkar Bloom patterns express my interest in cultural diversity and my love of travels: the designs are inspired by mayan and middle eastern motifs, while the color palette comes from a recent trip to India. "

Nicola Jones
Winter Berries

“I love creating simple hand drawn motifs and turning them into patterns. Like these winter berry silhouettes layered over a chevron background.”

Rebecca Wilson
Morning Glory
"I have always been inspired by nature and the organic shapes that can be found within the environment. This pattern in particular was inspired by the pretty little flowers 'Morning Glory'."

Ruth Thorp

Spring Burst

"A colourful pattern inspired by the beautiful start of spring and burst of fresh flowers."

Trina Esquivelzeta

"From a photo of irises in my garden."

Wendy Flynn

Freelance surface pattern designer and Illustrator from SW London, likes combining messy ink and digital colour, looking for fun projects, commissions, or licensing.

The theme for next month's showcase will be 'Spring' - due in on April 7th. 


gooseberrymoon said...

Thank you Judy for including my pattern. They all look great together.

Trina Esquivelzeta said...

Thanks Judy, look forward to the next one. Trina

natacha said...

Thank you Judy for posting our work. It's great to have an overall picture of all of our different styles, and how we've grown since module 1...

Maira Chiodi said...

Thanks a lot Judy!

Ruth Thorp said...

Thanks for the great post Judy. They all look really great together - well done girls!

Liz Minton said...

Thanks Judy, great showcase, they all look fabulous.

Betsy Grant said...

Lovely images on your blog - as always!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you, Betsy :)

Designs by Shell said...

Lovely patterns and colors! Just became one of your blog follower's Judy! Keep up to great work!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you so much, Shell :)