Thursday, 8 August 2013

Are you a sucker for scarves? Discover Glen Prince of Great Britain!

I'm an absolute sucker for scarves and shawls - so much so that I don't dare count how many I own!

So I was delighted to come across 'Glen Prince of Great Britain' on facebook! I hadn't heard of the company so I thought I would share some of their information and images here, partly for other scarf-addicts but also for anyone looking for ideas for really special Christmas Gifts.

Here's some information from Glen Prince:

"Glen Prince of Great Britain is a British family company set up by Mark
Lovell, Managing Director, in 1989 and was incorporated in January 1990.

The company’s headquarters are in Yeovil, South West England where a team of staff co-ordinate design, sales and deliveries to all Glen Prince’s markets."

"Glen Prince is one of the leading UK suppliers of High Quality accessories. We have been exceeding customer’s expectations since 1989. Based in the UK, we have continually sourced and designed scarves, stoles, shawls and rugs, using mainly natural fibres and specialized craftsmanship. 

By adhering to our principles of excellence in quality and service the Glen Prince brand is internationally recognized as one of high quality." 

"Our collection is based on high British tradition and values and our products are recognised all over the world as representing the best of British manufacturing."

"Our Cashmere range of scarves and stoles are the flagship products in the Glen Prince range and are made from the highest quality Cashmere. 

Hundreds of years of tradition and skill are incorporated into the production, down to the natural teases used to comb “Tease” the finished item, to its luxurious finish."

"Cashmere is the most exciting material to work with. It is difficult to get hold of and produced in a remote, primitive area of the world; it is complicated to process the fibre and it is very expensive. All the difficulties of dealing with cashmere remain the same and have remained the same for over a hundred and fifty years but it produces a wonderful product which Glen Prince is very happy to be associated with."

"As well as traditions we have branched out into our fashions here at Glen Prince with our lightweight 100% wools, cottons, silks and linens with trend inspired designs all of which are totally Glen Prince’s own. These designs are manufactured over in India to the highest standard and are hand-printed onto the fabric. 

As an extension to these fashion pieces we have the Glen Urban range which takes our fashion range down an edgy, streetwise direction which, incorporated with the Glen Prince range, means we can cater to every taste."

Here's where you can see more of Glen Prince's very special scarves and shawls - 

Glen Prince of Great Britain
(where you can also see the fascinating Cashmere process!)

You can also see us at the following Trade Shows:

Who's Next: Hall 7.2 Stand H104.  6th-9th July, Porte de Versailles, Paris
Mode France: Floor 28, Room #29. 17th-19th July, Tokyo Hilton, Shinjuku
Pure: Stand T238, 4th-6th August, Olympia, London
The Box: 27th - 30th September, Espace Cambon, Paris

to keep up with the latest news and new collections,
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Anonymous said...

I am such a scarf lover! Thank you for the information & the pictures are great!

Judy Adamson said...

Glad you enjoyed this :)