Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Warm and Spicy Pot Pourri Colour Palette

We still haven't had much real snow, down here in Abergavenny.

But we have had some very low temperatures and wind blowing straight down from the Arctic bearing icy hail and sleet!

So I think it's a time to be thinking of hot spicy dishes and warming mulled wine, perhaps, to keep out the winter chills. This pot pourri not only spreads a wonderfully spicy fragrance but the colours are warm and cosy too!

I love the way the warm pink and orange-ish colours are balanced by the blue and white of the Spode dish.

If you can make a pattern or any sort of design using some of these seven colours, I'd love to see it - you can post it on the social media with the hashtags: #potpourri #colourpalette

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