Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Designing a Greeting Card for St Patrick's Day

In my first post I wrote that I haven’t produced a single piece of art in the six weeks or so since I started selling my work online. That’s perfectly true but it doesn’t mean that I’ve been completely glued to my computer seat – I have done some drawing most days.

I generally take a break from the computer for a couple of hours in the evenings and often watch television – and that’s when I draw! I don’t know if others find they do their best drawing to the accompaniment of ‘Poirot’ or ‘Sherlock’ but for years I’ve found that having something else to slightly occupy part of my mind whilst drawing is really useful! As soon as I start to consciously think about my drawing, I seem to get self-conscious and the drawing suffers. So really my drawing is more like doodling! I don’t know what this says about me but the main thing is that it works!

So I’ve taken one of the recent drawings from my sketchbook and I’ll show you how the steps I take to develop it into a greeting card design.

I’m still struggling a bit with blogger when it comes to getting my images in the right place and I haven’t succeeded in finding a way to write text above an image. So, until I fathom that one out, I’ll do this in two separate blogs. After weeks of trying to learn how to do all sorts of 'things technical' on my computer, I’d forgotten just how very relaxing it is to paint - will defininitely do more from now on!

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