Friday, 22 January 2010

Hav u Cn R 1daful Selectn of T-shrits?

Almost as soon as I joined Greeting Card Universe, I realised that getting sales is not just a question of creating great products - marketing one's stores effectively is equally important. It doesn't matter how beautiful, original, cute, whimsical your designs are if nobody gets to see them! And I recommended in my first post that reading the forums is probably the best way find tips and help with this.

I've gradually come to realise how important one's 'key words' are for bringing customers to your door as a result of their searches. Choosing the right key words seems to be almost an art in itself! But yesterday I was amazed to read a response to a forum plea for help in attracting more sales. The response, from a seasoned online seller, not only emphasised the importance of key words, it actually suggested using words with spelling mistakes!!! The thinking behind this was that a lot of people can't spell so will type misspelt words and typos into search engines so you hook them that way!

I'm a spelling teacher when I'm 'wearing my other hat' so it goes against the grain a little to make deliberate spelling mistakes; but the other suggestion, to use texting language, might be worth thinking about if the market you're targeting is likely to be of a texting age group.

If none of this appeals to you, highly successful Dutch artist/illustrator, Corrie Kuipers has created a particularly clear and useful Squidoo Lens on how to get more sales at Greeting Card Universe that could be applied to all online selling. And not once does she mention bad spelling!

And, just by the way, here's my 'Selectn of T-shrits' on Zazzle - you can judge for yourself whether they are 1daful!

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Carole said...

I have a niece who graduated as a teacher two years ago and her spelling is so terrible, I don't know how she will correct her students or how she looks anything up on the internet.

I'll feel silly but I'll have to try it