Monday, 29 March 2010

Coffee and Cards

I've just come to the end of a long day in which local friends came to my house and drank coffee and bought cards, beginning at 11 am and ending at 8 pm (with a couple of meal breaks!).

The weather could hardly have beeen worse - heavy rain, sleety at times, and flooding had been forecast last night for South Wales. So fewer people actually came than I was expecting, but on the other hand, those who did come bought more cards than I had anticipated and it was great that they came in dribs and drabs as it meant I had a chance to have a proper chat with them.

Surprisingly, I think it was my 'Shed Bleu' that was most in demand. And they all took away a free 'sweet pea' bookmark - like the one that won the TBA on Zazzle - with 'The Kitchen Table Card Company' and details on the back as a reminder!

We had a few traffic jams in the kitchen in the morning session because of the cards being on the kitchen table -

- so I moved the cards onto the worktops in the lunchbreak, away from the refreshments and it worked much better in the afternoon!

(Those are the catalogues I'd made on either side of the basket of  'coastal' cards.)

I had printed out copies of the online 'market research' questionnaire about UK card-buying habits that I sent out last month so that people who don't use the internet could fill it in today. That done, it is now closed and I shall start to post the results here as soon as I've recovered from today - so watch this space!

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Country Mouse Studio said...

what a wonderful way to do business, hope it means lots of sales for you