Wednesday, 17 March 2010

'Blank inside for your own message'

I think this may be the last of my 'Coastal Collection' of collages for now as I'm going to be busy preparing for a 'Coffee and Cards' day in just over a week's time. It'll be the start of an idea I'm working on to sell my cards through a 'Partyplan' arrangement. I'm getting more sales through Greeting Card Universe now and even a few through Zazzle; but I've decided I'm not prepared to make the sort of very specifically targeted cards that seem to sell best through these PODstores - such as 'Wishing you a Speedy Recovery from your Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery' - but to stick with the more 'multi-purpose' blank cards that I, myself, would be likely to buy. So I definitely need to focus on finding more ways to sell in the UK, where it seems that 'blank for your own message' cards are more popular, judging by the results of my survey so far.

Here are some of the cards and other products I have made from my 'seaside' collages on Zazzle.

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