Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Email from Geree in Chile

I'm sure Geree won't mind if I post her email here -

Finally the power came on today! Just now as I was getting dinner ready before dark. I haven't had a chance to read all the messages but I am sending a quick message to all in case the power or wi fi signal teminates.

The earthquake was the biggest, longest, strongest, most violent and scariest earthquake we've ever felt. We were both awake at the time, pulled on our clothes while lying on the floor next to the bed in case the ceiling fell, then shoes and jackets and flashlights. We walked very fast up to the top of the hill and waited till daylight at about 7:30 to come down.  

No damage to our house at all, only a couple things broke in the studio. No houses damaged at all that we could see.

We went to town yesterday to see the damage and take pix. A tsunami hit the cove at Pichilemu about the time we were heading up the hill. No big wave hit here at Playa Hermosa.The cabana we stayed in for about 3 weeks when we first got here had a steel shipping  container  smashed into the front window. Lots of damage across from the cove in Pichilemu but no deaths!

I am worried that the wifi signal will give out so I'll close and write a narrative later on my blog. Haven't even read all the messages yet.

Check my blog tomorrow to see if I have my narrative and pictures up,

Love to all,
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Country Mouse Studio said...

I can't even imagine how scary it must have been, our prayers go out to all of them.