Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Boxes, Card and Shoebox Cards

On Friday afternoon I took the plunge and ordered some matte card online, a bold move as I've wasted money in the past on cardstock that wasn't really up to the standard of colour printing that I need for my greeting cards. At the same time, I ordered envelopes from a supplier I've never used before as they were out of stock with my usual supplier. A brave move and it was unfortunate that I placed the orders on a Friday afternoon as that meant spending the weekend worrying about whether I'd wasted more money!

The card arrived on Monday morning - from the Isle of Wight, the island where I was born and grew up! Apart from the lightning speed with which it arrived, it was very well packaged and it's just what I needed. So for anyone else who may be printing their own greeting cards, I'd highly recommend that you have a look at the ConsumableMad website. I also got an immediate response to my query about satin finish card, which seems to bring out the depth of colour better than the matte in my original pastel and oil pastel paintings; a couple of sample sheets arrived in the post by return. So one very satisfied customer!

(On the subject of 'satisfied' customers, both of the recipients of the cards I spent last week making and sending have said the my cards look much better 'in the flesh' than on the website. Not much I can do about that but at least it's better than the other way around!)

 The envelopes took a little longer to arrive and when they did, I was surprised at the size and the weight of the box!
 The minimum order was 1,000 and the most I'd ever ordered previously was 300  - but even so!!!

When I'd removed the mountain of shredded paper, the box of envelopes was tiny by comparison -

The envelopes were the cheapest I've found so far and better quality than some of the more expensive ones I've used in the past. So, again, I would recommend Regent Envelopes   if you are in the UK and in need of large quantities of 5" x 7" envelopes  - but be prepared for the arrival of a very large box!

And just for fun, on the subject of boxes, Tom, one of the very helpful Greeting Card Universe artists, posted this YouTube clip on the forum -



Country Mouse Studio said...

What a great video, thanks for sharing it, some of it was just too true!

Michele said...

Very funny video, it must take ages to make them look so old fashioned!