Sunday, 9 May 2010

It's felt more like March this week...

...but I haven't minded that too much as it's been a particularly busy week, beginning with my daughter in Sweden asking me to send a couple of dozen of my cards for her to try to sell at a kind of flea market her friends are having - so lots of printing, folding, trimming, packing etc. And then getting ready for a friend to 'drop in' with some of her friends for a glass of wine and a chance to see (and buy!) some of my cards on Election Night - and the very good news is that she has offered to arrange a 'cards' get-together with some more of her friends as soon as her kitchen refurbishment is finished!

And then, of course there was the election itself! I watched and waited - and waited and watched until the dawn chorus began and I realised it was getting light, having hoped to go to bed with some indication of who would form our next government - but here we are 48 hrs later, still not knowing what's going to happen, and I'm still feeling slightly muzzy-headed from lack of sleep. Which wasn't ideal for sorting out all the catalogue numbers on my website and coordinating them with my paper catalogue yesterday, some of which had got in a bit of a muddle to say the least! But I needed to do it sooner rather than later as I was expecting an old friend from Norfolk to place the first order for my 'party-plan starter pack' (which includes the catalogue!) and the first order of cards chosen from my website!

Luckily she didn't get around to doing it on Friday - probably because of the election! - but phoned her order through this afternoon, by which time the numbers were all present and correct! So another hectic week ahead as I now have another 20 or so cards to print (and some of the collage 'name' cards to make from scratch!) and get in the post to reach her before she goes away next week! She is hoping to sell them at her church for a charity she supports, which is a whole new selling angle I hadn't really thought much about.

So I've had a whole week with no new designs made. But I have managed to fit in making a few more 'Age-specific' and 'Relation-specific' greeting cards and uploaded them to Greeting Card Universe. I used a screenprinted design that I made more than 20 years ago! I had always liked the colour combination but it seemed to need something to 'lift' it - 

- and I think the white lettering has done precisely that. It seemed almost as if I'd purposely left the space in the top right-hand quarter to fill with some text!

I'm very fond of those salmon pink geraniums and this design was based on one given to me by a friend when my son was born - in 1978. I've had a few in pots in my garden ever since, some of them from cuttings from the original and a few more I've bought over the years. Sadly, this year the very low temperatures in January killed the last of them in my front porch where they've previously over-wintered happily - the end of an era!

But they are preserved in my design! 

Recently I haven't been spending as much time on Zazzle as on GCU, where I seem to sell more, though my recent little flurry of sales ended as abruptly as it began! But I did 'create' a mug -
 - and some more floral slip-on Keds:
And now, after all that fun with 'creating', I'd better remove my Mother's Day cards from the front of my GCU store and replace them with Father's Day! It's certainly a busy life so if I don't write anything more this week, you'll know why!


Country Mouse Studio said...

Love these geraniums too, they make awesome shoes. Have a good week and hope your Mother's day was good.

Michele said...

Love the screen print, before I read the whole thing I assumed you had left a space for words too!

My friends all think I am crazy staying up til the early hours to watch the election... but I see I am just a lightweight compared to yourself! I normally wait long enough to see what the likely result is going to be, except this time we were still waiting several days later!