Saturday, 22 May 2010

Definition of 'handpainted'?

In the space of not much more than a week, we seem to have gone from scarf and gloves weather to the nearest we've had to 'proper' summer for a long time! But I've been indoors making more handpainted paper collage greeting cards, with only a few excursions into the sunshine to the washing line and a quick trip to the shops to stock up on printer cartridges!

The reason is that I've just had another even more sizeable order from Norfolk - thank goodness I tracked down some good cardstock last week!

This time I've just had to make two completely new name-specific cards similar to these two -

- but I'm not complaining about not being out 'enjoying the weather'. I'm not particularly keen on very hot weather unless I'm by the sea, probably the result of having grown up on the coast, and when it's hot, I really appreciate the fact that I have ceramic tiled floors in my hallway and kitchen, which keeps it lovely and cool!

Not so my attic studio though! When I went up to scan the collages earlier this evening, the temperature had hit 30C so I spent as little time up there as possible! However, in my haste, I forgot to change the resolution from the default 150 dpi to 300 and had to start again from scratch, so I was up there rather longer than I had intended and practically expired!  But it seems that my bolshie scanner actually thrives in the heat. It didn't send me its usual silly 'please turn on the scanner' or 'a communication error has occurred' messages but worked first time - maybe when it says it's 'warming up' it means it literally?

I've started to wonder whether these name-specific birthday cards could just as easily have been made digitally, especially since artberry questioned the distinction between 'handpainted' and 'otherwise' on the Zazzle forum and posted the link to this YouTube video -


missprinteditions said...

Your work is so lovely, your insights and candor so refreshing, and your writing so articulate, that it's a huge pleasure to partake of your offerings. Wishing you all the best...

Country Mouse Studio said...

Incredible paintings and to think how many generations of people thought animals were too stupid to be given any kind of consideration.

I wonder how long they take to do a painting?