Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tree paintings #12 - Somerleyton Hall

Another example of where the trees, rather than the building, caught my eye and asked to be painted!

Somerleyton Hall, in Suffolk, is a fine example of a Tudor/Jacobean mansion, open to the public. But nowadays the grounds have been turned to good commercial use with holiday cottages and as a venue for weddings etc


brendathour said...

It's very pretty and I can see why the trees caught your attention.

Jean said...

I like your statement that "the trees asked to be painted".
So from now on I will say that the birds asked me to photograph them.:)

PS...Lovely work again, Judy!

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you both very much for your comments.

I've just come back from an evening at Accident & Emergency after some 'floaters' turned into flashing lights this afternoon. They think it's just part of the ageing process but could indicate a tear in the retina and I have to go to a larger hospital tomorrow morning to get it check out. So if I'm not around, you'll know why!

More trees will follow once this is all sorted out!