Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tree paintings #7 - Pen-y-fal

Just a few minutes walk from my home is a winding and overgrown path along the bank of the little Gavenny (Y fenni) River, which flows into the River Usk in Castle Meadows, giving the town its name (Aber = mouth of, Gavenny = the name of the river). Soon after I took the photo for this painting, someone came and cut back the greenery and spread grey chippings on the path so I was glad I'd grabbed the opportunity before that happened!

There's a picturesque wooden bridge over the river which leads to ......a huge estate of houses about ten years old! They are built on land that belonged to an old hospital, known as Pen-y-fal, and parts of the old buildings have been made into apartments.

But just before the houses begin, there's a very small area that's been left untouched because it was a graveyard for the hospital. And that's where these two trees caught my eye and begged me to paint them! 

They remind me of a couple of young ballet dancers, arms outstretched and their feet in 5th position - what do you think?

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