Friday, 25 March 2011

Tree paintings #20 - Herefordshire and The Peak District

People have commented on the sunlight and shadow in my paintings and I'd never really noticed it. But one thing that I have been consciously attracted to - for as long as I can remember! - is the 'colour scheme' of pine trees when the sun catches their bark. I painted a watercolour of a wooded hillside near my school that, at the time, I was convinced would bring me fame and fortune and the main focus was a pine tree with pink/orange bark and dark blue-green foliage. I've even based colour-schemes for my house on that combination, along with a lot of bright white!

The painting above didn't really work but I've posted it because it's probably the best example I have of that 'colour-scheme'. 

Unfortunately, these wonderful clumps of trees often seem to grow just by the side of a busy road and  rarely in a place where it's easy to stop and photograph them! At least the ones above were in the depths of the country, near Cwmyoy, in the Black Mountains, with Skirrid in the background, so it was relatively safe to park up and take photos.

And this one (above) is from a photo taken on a walking holiday in Derbyshire's 'Peak District' so no problem with busy roads! 

But the trees below were on a particularly dangerous bend of the road from Hereford to Hampton Bishop in Herefordshire: just sometimes I've been known to risk life and limb to get the photo I want!

There's another somewhat similar group on the road from Abergavenny to Pontypool - and one day, I will find a stopping place and photograph them, if only to stop them taunting me as I whizz past!

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art2cee2 said...

Love these. I feel as I I would like to just stroll down these paths. :-)