Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tree Paintings #9: Hereford and Brecon Cathedrals

I'm really surprised to discover how many trees I've painted!

I never thought of myself as a tree-painting person. But I can say with confidence that I'm not going to discover that I've painted many buildings in any kind of detail. In fact the painting above is entitled 'Hereford Cathedral' - but the magnificent old tree in front of it saved me from having to bother with all that architectural detail!

Brecon Cathedral is actually quite a distance from Hereford but I drove a visiting friend down there when I was still living in Hereford and this tree in the Cathedral Close is one of the two sketches that resulted:

The other one was of a clump of poppies growing by a corner of the ancient stone building....

......which is nowhere to be seen as far as my paintings are concerned!

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