Tuesday, 20 April 2010

'All Creatures Great and Small' continued....

I thought it would add a bit of variety to feature some of the wonderful handpainted designs from Greeting Card Universe and Zazzle artists once a month. We who paint by hand do seem to be in the minority so I think we need all the publicity we can get!

This month's topic is 'creatures' and here are a few from Greeting Card Universe artists that I like (click on the image for a larger view that will also take you to a link to the artist's GCU store) -

This black Lab wants to say Thank you to your dog lover friends. Labrador Retrievers always appreciate your kindness. Let this black dog help share your gratitude. Original Labrador painting by Amy Reges inspired by my own sweet Labs who put their paws in my hand.

A beautiful, close-up watercolour of a cat by Barbara Screiber

This one, by Mary Taylor, is an embroidered design.

Gorgeous bunnies by Judith Cheng

This bee is by UK illustrator, Kerry Morton.

This is a watercolor painting from the simple inspiration of cats next to me on the couch! Of course I couldn't move and spoil the moment. Luckily, nearby was a zen canvas (painted water disappears when it dries.) So I kept practicing and memorizing, holding my breath so they would keep sleeping! From EagleEyesDesign.com

Belgians Waiting for the Sleigh Ride - From an original acrylic painting of draft horses waiting patiently for the Riders, at a B&B outside of Leavenworth, Washington at Christmas time.Designed by Harriett Masterton.

Patriotic dog - a bestseller for July 4th by animal artist, Tanya Amberson

And bringing up the rear of the Greeting Card Universe paintings, here is one of my few  animal paintings - a soft pastel painting from a photo I took at our local Shire Horse Rally.

And now for some products from talented Zazzlers who paint their designs 'the old fashioned way' -

'artbymar' says, 'This image if from one of my original color pencil drawings. This guy is a blue, yellow and green macaw parrot.'

Parrot Magnet magnet
Parrot Magnet by artbymar
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 These 'jungle babies' are painted in watercolour -

Jungle Babies, Boy Birth Announcement invitation
Jungle Babies, Boy Birth Announcement by AudreyJeanne
Create your own invitations online at zazzle.co.uk

A 'fantastic' creature by Daniel Luciani

Mediaeval Wyvern mug
Mediaeval Wyvern by Daniel_Luciani
Design a custom stein at zazzle.co.uk

This cheeky cat is in watercolour and ink -

Cat with Toy Mouse Mousepad mousepad
Cat with Toy Mouse Mousepad by ninjahijinx
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A fluffy, white, cartoon cat carries her toy mouse in her mouth, ready for more play! This cute design was created with watercolor and ink. 


Diane Ursin painted this Jersey Cow in oils -

This is customizable! You can add text, re-size, crop, etc. Hit the "customize it" button to edit. I love painting butterflies and I did this in acrylic paints. You can purchase this in many different product lines: t-shirts, bags, keychains, mousepads, greeting cards, mugs, buttons, apparel, magnet, postcard, sticker, bags, keychains, apron, shoes, skateboard, poster, tie, photo sculpture, postage stamps, etc. View more here: http://www.zazzle.com/juderm*
created by JUDERM (15/08/2009 06:10)

Parrot print
Parrot by aquarelle
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And finally, my favourite -

Who needs digital art when such a wonderful variety of designs can be created by traditional painting methods?



Christina said...

Thanks Judy for including my Cuddling Kitties birthday card. Everything is so inspiring. I've enjoyed all your entries so much that your blog is now in my subscriptions in the Google Reader.

-- Christina/ EagleEyesDesign.com

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

Thank you very much for your encouragement, Christina!

barbara said...

Hi Judy, thanks for including me. Wonderful collection of designs! I think that traditional paintings have a feel and look to them that is very difficult or impossible to achieve digitally,(although i do like digital designs also :-)
cheers, barbara

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

Yes, what has impressed me is the sheer variety of styles. I agree that, although I like some digital art, there is something about traditionally made work that is hard to define and even harder to simulate. A fellow artist suggested that digital art is 'just too perfect'. I wonder what others think?

Jude said...

Thanks a lot for including my butterfly art mug in your beautiful blog. Hope to see my other work in your future posts. Have a great day!

Country Mouse Studio said...

Thank you for featuring my work, you've been such an amazing support to me and us all.
I agree that digital art can be great but it really is very different with less (happy accidents) as painter Bob Ross used to say.

Sometimes the accidents change the whole direction of a picture or add more character, especially with watercolor.