Monday, 5 April 2010

More bright colours!

Very little time to write as the various visits from heating engineers has taken up so much of my time that I'm way behind with everything! But I did manage to fit in another collage that I've been thinking about for ages -
I've made one for each of the ages from 3 - 7 yrs old by sticking on the numbers with blu-tac instead of gluing them down so that I could change them for scanning! I've also made one with a star instead of a number -

And I've made all sorts of 'clown' products on Zazzle - I think this is my favourite:

I'm amazed to find that, in between running around fetching buckets, torches, old cloths and various other things for the plumbers and heating engineers, I've actually 'created' thirty five new products this weekend!

I'm hoping that warm radiators and hot water are going to be finally restored on Wednesday afternoon - just as, according to the BBC, the temperature is forecast to rise! Actually, I'm beginning to get used to boiling kettles for hot water and dressing up as if I were going to the Arctic. (But I'm sure I'll quickly adapt back again!)


Michele said...

Oh there is nothing worse than the heating breaking, makes me unbearably grumpy! I too intend to address the idea of named and aged cards. I intend to make the design with paint though, and just change the text with my graphics program/ or the zazzle text. I am also very busy and need to work... and then I got a cold. Life, it always gets in the way. Hope you have hot water now. Michele (drinking lemsip)

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

Still 24 hrs left of feeling as if I'm camping - as long as the part (a tiny diaphragm!) arrives tomorrow, I could be basking in warmth by the afternoon. It's actually warmer out than in today!
I could have done the numbers on the computer, as I did with the dancing man, but after all the cutting and gluing I'd done, it seemed quicker and easier to carry on cutting - and I knew I'd get an exact colour match as they came from the same piece of paper as the trimming on the clown's coat!

Hope your cold is on the way out, Michele!