Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The tedious business of uploading, tagging, describing, categorising.....

I've been really busy putting age numbers on some of my birthday cards this week because I noticed that quite a few of my sales had been that type of card. It's boring work, especially all the uploading and writing descriptions and tags - though I seem to have got a bit quicker with the 'categorising' as time has gone on - and I've just had the first batch approved by GCU. I think the reviewers must have seen 100 new cards suddenly appearing and decided they'd better get stuck in!

With all that going on, it doesn't feel as if I've done much painting this week but in fact I've made four new designs, all 'creatures' of one sort or another, the last for a while I think as I seem to run out of steam with one 'range' of cards quite quickly - low boredom threshold perhaps? Just as well I have several 'styles' to fall back on!

First up my mouse and elephant again, in a birthday card or birthday button role this time -

- followed by a kangaroo for Mother's Day in the same style -

- also available on a T-shirt.

And today I've tried a collage again (and hoping for the best as far as my back is concerned!) for Father's Day - 

I was surprised how well it showed up on a dark T-shirt too - 
I still have about 80 of my new 'age' birthday cards to put on Zazzle but my enthusiasm has waned a bit because they seem to do so much better on GCU. They appear immediately in my 'store' though so if I do a few every day, they'll probably all be available on Zazzle at about the same time as on GCU!


Country Mouse Studio said...

love the colors on a dark shirt too. I thought and rejected the idea of age related cards just for the sheer boredom of it too but maybe, I should think about it too, although I haven't sold a card on Zazzle yet.

Di said...

Judy - Love your B'day Buttons! Great Idea.
I agree, I hate the tedium of all that categorizing. seems I make a new design and then have to spend forever doing all the categorizing & tagging. Seems so unbalanced time wise.

Country Mouse - I find my b'day designs w/ text whether: "for ____" or "age specific" sell much better than the same image w/no text. So I do eventually add some w/text. (this is on GCU)

Judy Adamson said...

Di, I agree about age-specific or person-specific cards selling better. I'm not sure whether it would necessarily be the same with UK customers but we'll soon find out, I hope!

I seem to have reached the point where the actual painting has to be sneaked in at the weekend because of all the time it takes to 'process' my designs on the computer! :(