Sunday, 11 April 2010

Wallflower and Forget-me-not Colours

I'm not very sure what to make of this one! It was intended for the American Mother's Day, May 9th.

It took a very long time to cut out and stick down all those tiny flowers and leaves, as you can imagine, and when it was finished, I was disappointed that the 'Happy Mother's Day' didn't stand out very well. I almost didn't bother to scan it but I quite liked it in a 'Flower Power' kind of way so I did. And I don't know whether all scanners are the same, but mine shows quite a dark image in the 'preview' when it's 'warming up' and all of a sudden the image looked fine, with the forget-me-not lettering standing out very nicely.

So when the scanner had finished scanning and come up with the usual wishy-washy image, I adjusted it to make it as near as possible to the 'preview' and was quite happy with it - until I transferred it to my laptop, where the forget-me-nots were suddenly  turquoise, instead of the slightly purplish blue that they had been on my PC - the exact opposite to the difficulties I've been having scanning my seaside collages! - and the lovely deep wallflower-red border was almost black! Whatever I tried to adjust to get them back to their velvety red colour just made everything else go haywire..

Which just goes to show that, just as 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', 'colours are dependent on the computer on which they are being viewed!'

I'm not sure whether it's worth all the time it takes to upload it, tag it, describe it and post it for sale on the PODstores; but I'd be interested to hear how it looks to others.

It rather reminds me of those municipal gardens along the Esplanade of the seaside resort where I grew up, where  the 'tour de force' was a flower bed with a map of the island and its coat of arms set out in flowers!


Country Mouse Studio said...

The colors came out bright and cheerful but I cannot read the message, although it could just be my computer as they all show a different resolution.

Someone on Zazzle recommended a free photo fix site called I put any pictures not behaving properly through there and they come up pretty good most times.

Other than that, the flowers are so cheerful I'm sure someone will want it

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

Thanks for the feedback and photo-fix tip, Carole. It's now reminding me of a picture in one of my books on 'Colour' that is used to test whether a person is colour blind or not!