Saturday, 3 April 2010

'Life is what happens when you'd planned something else'

 I was so looking forward to a nice quiet long weekend with nothing 'fixed' to do but plenty of time to catch up with making more 'name' birthday cards and starting a series of specific 'age' cards for children. But 'the best laid plans...' and so on came upon me in the form of my Central Heating boiler going on strike, late on Thursday evening - why does it always happen on a Bank Holiday?! - and a really bad dose of backpain. (The two are not unrelated, I suspect.).

But I have somehow managed to do a few more of the most popular names - Daniel, Edward and Emma seemed to be a bit feeble for a 'series' of specific name cards! - in between waiting to hear back from plumbers and making hot drinks and hot water bottles to keep warm!

 This one also has a white background version.

This one also has a 'black background' version.

And I've made a few matching gifts on Zazzle, as well as uploading them to Greeting Card Universe -


'Sarah' girls' T-shirt shirt
'Sarah' girls' T-shirt by helikettle
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- and possibly the most positive thing to happen this weekend - I have at last learnt how to link to products in my Zazzle store on my blog - simples!!! And, all being well, by this time tomorrow, I should have hot radiators and hot water again!


Carole said...

so true, and why the minute you tell yourself you're going to do some art does everything happen.
Love these they are so colorful and cheerful, children will be attracted for sure

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

Thank you, Carole - I'm still struggling with getting my boiler fixed; hopefully it will be up and running on Wednesday. But I've done another 'bright and colourful' collage and hope to post it soon!