Saturday, 17 April 2010

Mucking around with masking fluid and salt again!

 The weather has been so gorgeous recently that it seems a real shame to stay indoors working and I took the opportunity this morning to go out and take photos of the flowers in my garden. This one is the pear blossom, just beginning to come out -

But I'm determined to use the time while I wait for people to respond to my advertising for 'card sellers' for my partyplan scheme, to stock up my GCU and Zazzle stores. It does seem that those with the greatest number of cards in their stores make the most sales - and in any case, painting and drawing are hardly 'work' as far as I'm concerned, although I often feel surprisingly tired at the end of a painting session!

A while back I bought a masking fluid pen but I hadn't got around to trying it out until I had a little bit of time to spare yesterday. I have an idea in mind for a series of designs that will be made much easier if the pen does what it's supposed to but the instructions suggested practising before embarking on something important. So that's what I did - and thank goodness I did! It was actually quite tricky to use. The instructions said 'do not squeeze' but nothing came out at all unless I squeezed the bottle slightly all the time!

I'ts going to take some practice to get the flow really even. But in fact this 'design' didn't really necessitate a lot of accuracy - it was more of a 'doodle' really!

However, with further experiments with various types of salt as well, I liked what happened enough to use it to create some keds shoes -

I'm not sure where the idea for this next little collage came from but it's been pestering me to let it out of my head and into the public domain for quite a time. I think it may have something to do with the way I felt like the proverbial fish out of water when, years ago, I lived in the 'commuterland' of the South East because nobody I knew seemed to understand my need to paint and draw and generally do things creative. I was a lot more comfortable when we moved to Norwich, where even the surveyor who helped us with the plans for our loft extension painted in watercolours and the cleaning lady painted mandalas - and told me she found cleaning the brasses a 'meditative' experience! A reassuringly different world!

This one didn't take long compared to most of my other collages but even so it was long enough for me to discover, without any room for doubt, that it's the cutting of the paper that has been causing my back to object rather vociferously in the past few months. Somehow I'm going to have to find a different way to cut the paper - or give up on collage, which I obviously don't want to do!

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